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Trike Bike Rack - Fits All Trikes

Delta, Tadpole, Standard 3 Wheel, Handicap

We have been able to substantially reduce the price on all our trike racks. Our racks are still the same all steel, powder coated racks. We have been making bike racks for 12 years which has taught us efficiencies in purchasing and manufacture. Due to those efficiencies we are able to reduce our cost and pass that on to you as a price reduction. We also keep our racks simple which allows us to price below our competition.
Two Trike Passenger Quarter Trike Bike Rack on a Mobile Home Trike Bike Rack


  • Adjusts to any wheelbase
  • Adjusts to any track
  • Fits 1.25" and 2" Receivers as well a roof model.
  • Racks for either one or two trikes
  • All steel construction
  • Durable electra-coat finish
  • If you buy a new trike... just re-adjust. No need for a new rack
  • Made in the USA

Trikes come in all sizes and shapes. There are ones that look like a child's trike, ones that are recumbent trikes with the crank either out front (Tadpole) or with the crank behind the front wheel (Delta), and ones that are great long tandem trikes. The best thing about our trike racks is they hold your trike securely and will accommodate all the different designs and sizes.

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Cycle Simplex Tadpole Trike Rack

Delta Tilt Trike Rack

Cycle Simplex Delta Trike rack in Down Position